Finally getting my GLOW.

Finally getting my Glow.

For the longest of time, when I discovered make up (and how to actually apply it properly), I didn’t really feel confident and comfortable with my face bare, bear in mind that I only started wearing full face make up when I started university in 2013. Struggling from hyperpigmentation and scarring from picking spots (Something YOU MUST NOT DO) I began feeling anxious being out with them on show. I have oily/ combination skin, my t-zone area gets more oily than the rest of my face which leads to me breaking out easily.

I more or less wasted a lot of money over the years from purchasing products that did not work. I then opted for more “natural” products and simple routines such as, steaming my face more often, using lemon, toothpaste on spots, coconut oil and so forth, but that all got tiring in the long run as I was still not seeing much change but yet again, dreams sold from articles I had read online and the cycle of buying new overhyped products started again.

After years of fighting this problem, with help from useful YouTubers, I finally started seeing some change once I started using black soap, Dudu Osun, Lemon essential oil on my scars and tea tree oil on spots religiously and simply just being patient, I started seeing adjustments. Sticking to more natural products was the key.


I wanted to expand on more natural skincare products to add to my routine, that’s when I came across The Glow Pot (@TheGlowPot), created by Ofome. I reached out to her and got products recommended to me, I grabbed the Vitamin ACE Moisturiser and Acai & Goji Berry scrub in October and must I say, since adding these to my routine I saw and felt a massive difference. Other than my face starting to clear up a lot quicker, it felt so much softer.

Here are some before and after pictures. (All pictures were taken with natural lighting and no filter added)

As you can see, my skin has gotten brighter and more vibrant which I love and I’ve found that I am becoming more comfortable and confident with my bare face. I honestly cannot wait to try more products from The Glow Pot. I still do get the odd breakouts, which are usually caused, from stress or time of the month breakouts but I’ve gotten into the habit of no longer popping the spots and just applying tea tree oil. Be sure to be on the look out for my full review on The Glow Pot products along with tips and my skincare routine.

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