How to find your passion!

It can be so frustrating when people always tell you "follow your passion" especially if you have no idea what it is. I believe that everyone has a purpose on this earth. Here are some steps which you can take to help you find your passion and reveal your purpose!

1. Work out what you hate doing.

Once you understand what you definitely do not want to do, the things you do like would be clearer.

2. DO the things you love.

When you start doing things that you absolutely love your true interests are revealed!

3. Remember what you loved as a child.

Think about what you used to love doing when you was young, pure and innocent.. before the insecurity, fear and anxiety of being an adult creeped their way into your life and the idea of working ANY job to pay bills! Your childhood dream is usually your true passion.

4. Ask your friends!

Often your friends (the honest ones) will be able to tell you what they think your interests are or what makes you happiest! Sometimes its hard to see it yourself because so much is going on. You may even be surprised and enlightened by their response!

5. What would you do if you had no possibility of failing?

What could you read 500 books about? What would you do for 5 years without getting paid? What do you think about every single day?

6. Do what comes naturally.

Your true passion will never feel forced, it is where your soul has the most peace. It may seem like a long hard road to get to but the main point is to enjoy the journey. Finding your passion will come without force, once you take a step back from reality/working/other politics and start doing the things you love, you will begin to feel your soul warming, that is when your true passion/purpose is birthed.

7. Push yourself!

Push past the fears which are disguised as ‘excuses’ such as “ I’ll start when I have enough money” or “I don’t have the time” etc. Once we notice that the excuses are fears in disguise, we will be able to push past them and move forward!

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