Who made the first ever Sanitary towel?

Meet Mary Beatrice Kenner who changed the world of feminine care with the invention of the sanitary belt, the forerunner of the self-adhesive maxi pad in 1956!

Her creation was considered by most to be the first form of modern menstruation protection, which led to the creation of the maxi pad.

She invented both a sanitary belt in 1956 and a bathroom tissue holder in 1982 (among other hygienic inventions). The sanitary belt gave women a better alternative for handling their periods, as only tampons were available at this time(but were known to be the unhygienic option). It wasn't until 30 years after the invention it that it was released, this was purely because the company who was initially interested in her creation rejected it as soon as they found out she was a black woman

Today we thank Mary Kenner for her intellegence, imagination, bravery and patience!

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