Miss Black America

Miss Black America, a beauty pageant is celebrating 50 years of excellence! Founded in 1968 by J.Morris Anderson, the pageant was developed to reverse negative propaganda of the black woman and their role in America.

As part of the struggle of this time, there was a need to reverse the negative propaganda of the Black woman.The Miss Black America Pageant was created to project the Black woman in all her charm, poise, and beauty, and to provide her with a world-class event that would celebrate their standards, talent, and African heritage.

From the time J. Morris Anderson first created and produced the Miss Black America Pageant on August 17, 1968 until the present, there has always been one major question asked: Why should there be a Miss Black America Pageant since there is already a Miss America Pageant? Always, the answer has been: “To provide a forum for the Black Man to say his wife is mentally, spiritually, and physically beautiful the same as the white man has a forum through which to say his woman is beautiful.” The MBA Pageant has always provided a stage on which the Black woman could display her talent; a platform on which she could air her views; and, a pedestal from where she could reign as a universal symbol of pride and dignity.

The pagent commits to empowering women of colour and representing all from African Diaspora.

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