Hairstyles for the rich and noble!

The Amasunzu wore traditional Rwandan hairstyles that were worn by both men and by unmarried women . This was done to indicate to potential suitors that they were single and of marriageable ages!

The East African, a news source based in Kenya, describes how and why people grew it:

The style is designed by cutting some of the hair sideways, towards the middle, then leave it to grow.

“It is a style of elegance, hygiene; it reflected reality and maturity among girls,” said Epa Binamungu, a 60-year-old visual artist.

“Most adolescent girls would use it to show pride; it showed that that a girl was a virgin."

“It was a style for the spinsters.”

"It was also a way of beautifying the body. Rwandan etiquette is based on the body’s nature. This style was used to reflect important aspects such as might, hygiene and, for unmarried girls, virginity. It was also a way to show class; powerful leaders, nobles and the rich wore the hairstyle."

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