'As I Am Coconut cowash' REVIEW

I honestly love this product for my 4b/c hair. It moisturises my hair whilst removing all the product from my hair and scalp, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed without striping it.

•The pricing normally costs around £10 however it lasts a long time and is 16 ounces.

•The ingredients used in this product are all natural which is ideal for natural hair

•The consistency of the cowash is a light cream so it doesn't feel like too much product.

•There is a good slip to the product and you are able to easily detangle your hair.

The only disadvantage I would say about this product is the packaging, sometimes I scoop too much or too little out and can be messy leading to wastage, I also feel as if dripping water from wet hands could lead to contamination. If this was in a squeezy bottle it would tick all the boxes for my favourite cowash of 2017.

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