Doabg @ Black Thrive

We attended our first Black Thrive meeting yesterday

Blackthrive is an organisation that aims to improve the well-being of ethnic minority groups with mental health conditions.

The session was very informative and was hosted by Mariyam Farooq, who done an amazing job delivering all the information to us. All of the black thrive members were very knowledgeable in the mental health sector, and knew their stuff which was also a bonus. Dr Jayati Das-Munshi, a psychiatrist provided a presentation about her research. We found her findings very interesting, I particularly remember a point was made that several mental health participants are commonly treated the same as a diabetic, if their health is not controlled it could effect their life expectancy. Another finding made was that black people are more likely to be injected their medication whereas white people will be given oral medication. It is known that injecting the medication could have a stronger effect on the patient and can effect their physical health. It was also clear that it is likely that black people would not receive proper treatment that is entitled to them and their families. It is important we do something with what we know to ensure basic standards are being met! This is why meetings such as Black Thrive are important and we shall continue to support the movement.

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